Donald Trump, “Our Debt to Our Vets is Eternal”

Donald Trump, “Our Debt to Our Vets is Eternal”

Donald Trump, “Our Debt to Our Vets is Eternal”

Donald Trump is turning a scandal involving the Veterans Administration to his political advantage pledging to US war veterans that he will clean up the mess he blames on Washington politicians.

“Our debt to you is eternal,” Donald Trump told a gathering of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) in Charlotte, NC. “Yet our politicians have totally failed you.”

The 2014 VA scandal revolves around long wait times for patients and other negligent activities.

The scandal aligns with Donald Trump’s effort to portray himself as a political outsider dedicated to fixing the problems left by Washington special interests.

“The VA scandals that have occurred are widespread and totally inexcusable,” he said.

Donald Trump is on his 1st campaign swing with his vice presidential running mate, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, after they were nominated last week at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, OH.

They made 2 stops in North Carolina, a state that could be crucial to their chances in the November 8th election.

Donald Trump pledged to set up a White House hot line for a ranking official to keep track of reform efforts in the VA to ensure they are carried out.

If a problem cannot get solved, he said, “I will pick up the phone personally and get it completed and get it taken care of.”

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