Donald Trump Counters Hillary, “I do not have a thin skin”

Donald Trump Counters Hillary, “I do not have a thin skin”

Donald Trump Counters Hillary, “I do not have a thin skin”

Donald Trump Friday countered Hillary Clinton’s attacks on his temperament, saying that “I do not have thin skin” and that “we need a strong temperament in this country.”

“I have very strong and thick skin,” the presumptive GOP Presidential nominee said Friday on TV. “I have a strong temperament, and it is a very good temperament and it’s a very in-control temperament.”

In her anti-Trump speech in San Diego Thursday, Hillary Clinton slammed him calling his foreign policy “dangerously incoherent” and saying that electing him in November would be “a historic mistake.”

Donald Trump said that one needs strong temperament to be successful in business, and that Crooked, Lyin Hillary should be put in Jail for her misdeeds while Barack Hussein Obama’s Secretary of State.

“I wouldn’t have built this wonderful company and number one best seller, one of the best-selling books of all-time, tremendous television success,” he said, referring to his Y 1987 “Trump: The Art of the Deal” book and “The Apprentice” on NBCTV.

“You cannot have that success without good temperament,” he said.

Donald Trump added that the United States could use more leaders with strong dispositions.

“We need a strong temperament in this country. We have been led by weak and ineffective people. Countries have taken advantage of us. We have been taken advantage by everybody.

“I have a very strong temperament,” Mr. Trump said, “but I have a temperament that’s under control.”

Mrs. Clinton and Democratic opponent Bernie Sanders will also make campaign stops in the state on Friday in California as they look to Tuesday’s California Primary.

Donald Trump spoke for about 50 mins at the rally in San Jose, California sniping at Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and calling her speech on foreign policy earlier in the day “pathetic” and “sad to watch.”

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