Donald Trump Channels Ronald Reagan for NKorea Resolution

Donald Trump Channels Ronald Reagan for NKorea Resolution

Donald Trump Channels Ronald Reagan for NKorea Resolution

A new analysis suggests the United States and SKorea could benefit by taking a page from The Reagan Administration’s playbook when it comes to dealing with NKorea and its threats of starting a nuclear war.

Analysts Robert Carlin and Joel Wit recalled the time when former President Ronald Reagan used the 1988 Seoul Olympics as a way to begin negotiations with the NKoreans.

That could give the United States an opening as The Trump Administration seeks to squash NKorea’s desires to have an arsenal of nuclear weapons, Carlin and Wit wrote.

The analysts explained The Reagan Administration’s NKorea strategy, called the “modest initiative.”

That initiative involved the US loosening certain sanctions on NKorea if the nation did not use the Olympics to stage some sort of attack.

The Seoul Olympics ended without any drama from NKorea, so The Reagan Administration took additional steps to help improve relations.

“Ahead of this year’s games, there is an opportunity for Washington and Seoul to coordinate their strategy and move from confrontation to dialogue,” Messrs Carlin and Wit wrote. “That strategy could consist of small confidence-building measures, ultimately intended to lead to talks that address each side’s concerns, particularly the North Korean nuclear threat.”

They also suggested, “The Trump Administration could ask Pyongyang for a ‘positive, constructive’ response. It could suggest NKorea grant Swedish diplomats in Pyongyang consular access to the three Americans still being held in its prisons, play a constructive role in advancing inter-Korean dialogue — particularly in military-to-military talks, intended to reduce tensions, and clearly state that it opposes international terrorism, including acts involving chemical, biological, or nuclear devices and materials.”

North Korea has threatened to attack the US on several occasions in the last year as it builds an arsenal of nuclear weapons. It also criticizes President Trump regularly .

US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said Sunday that NKorea must stop conducting tests of its nuclear program before the US begins formal negotiations.

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