Donald Trump, “Hillary’s Celebrities aren’t very Hot anymore”

Donald Trump, “Hillary’s Celebrities aren’t very Hot anymore”

Donald Trump, “Hillary’s Celebrities aren’t very Hot anymore”

Donald Trump Wednesday described Hillary Clinton’s core supporters as Hollywood celebrities “in many cases, celebrities that aren’t very Hot anymore” and Wall Street interests who are working against the American people.

“Her supporters have really very little enthusiasm,” the GOP nominee told a rally at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa. “The only people enthusiastic about her campaign are Hollywood celebrities — in many cases, celebrities that aren’t very Hot anymore, and Wall Street donors, special interests and lobbyists who want to control government, not to the benefit of our country but to the benefit of their wallet.”

Donald Trump’s attack followed Hillary Clinton’s attendance at a Hollywood fundraiser Tuesday hosted by Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake that raised $3.34-M.

Jennifer Aniston and Jamie Foxx were among the 100 celebrities attending the luncheon. Mrs. Clinton Monday participated in a fundraiser hosted by former NBA star Magic Johnson.

Donald Trump also compared Mrs. Clinton’s protesters at his rallies to those who backed Senator Bernie Sanders (VT) during the primaries.

“Even her protesters do not have the spirit that Bernie protesters have,” Donald Trump said, referencing those who demonstrated at a rally in Austin, TX Tuesday.

“We had some protesters. It is, like, they raised their hand. They are so nice.

“Her protesters have so little enthusiasm for her, and they’re so boring that the cameras don’t follow them,” Donald Trump said. “I like the Bernie protesters better.”

The nominee continued his attacks on the Clinton Foundation, saying that the former Secretary of State “created an illegal private e-Mail server, deliberately, willfully, and with total premeditation.

“She did so to cover-up a vast Pay-for-Play scheme.

“Her actions made our enemies vulnerable to foreign hacking, and betrayed the security and safety of the United States, our military and all of our people.

“Her actions are criminal, purposeful and calculated,”Donald Trump said. “She knew what she was doing.”

The WP and USA Today said in editorials Wednesday that The Clinton Foundation, the family philanthropy of Bill and Hillary Clinton, should shut down or transfer operations to another charity despite its good work to avoid perceptions of “Pay-for-Play.”

Despite plans announced earlier this week to reorganize the Clinton Foundation if Hillary Clinton wins the 8 November election, USA Today said the global charity must close for the Democratic candidate to avoid any appearance of unethical ties.

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