Donald Trump calls for Law and Order in America’s Cities

Donald Trump calls for Law and Order in America’s Cities

Donald Trump calls for Law and Order in America’s Cities

Thursday morning Donald Trump said he was not surprised to see rioting in Charlotte over the past 2 days following the deadly police shooting of a Black man, and called for law and order in the nation’s cities and for a return to “stop and frisk” practices, particularly in Chicago, where shooting deaths have spiked in the last year.

“It is very divided, our country, and it’s getting worse,” the GOP presidential nominee said in a telephone interview. “It just seems that there’s a lack of spirit between the white and the black. I mean, it’s a terrible thing that we’re witnessing. You are seeing it. I’m seeing it, and you look at what went on last night in Charlotte, a great place, and you just see it.”

Donald Trump said his message to the Charlotte rioters would be that there needs to be “law and order, and at the same time, you have to have a certain spirit and unity. There’s no unity.

“You look at the level of hatred, the rocks being thrown and everything happening. It’s so sad to say. You know this is the united States of America, it’s so sad to see.”

Donald Trump met with African-American community leaders in Cleveland Wednesday, and called the results “Beautiful.”

Adding, there was a “tremendous group” and “great love in that room.”

“There was a very feeling in that room, something that can happen with the right leadership,” he said.

Donald Trump was criticized after the meeting because he said it may be time to return “stop and frisk” to the nation’s communities, pointing to New York City’s lower crime rates under Police Chief Ray Kelly.

“New York was not a Chicago situation, but it was really in trouble,” said Donald Trump. “With all the shootings and everything, Rudy Giuliani did a great job, and Mayor Bloomberg, they stopped it. Stop and frisk worked.”

He said that when he referred to “stop and frisk” Wednesday, he was talking about Chicago.

“They had 3,000 shootings from January 1,” said Trump. “You can’t let the system go the way it’s going but I suggested stop and frisk and some people think it’s a great idea and some people don’t like it, but when you have 3,000 people shot and so many people dying, it’s worse than some of the places we’re hearing about like Afghanistan, you know, the war-torn nations.”

In New York, the numbers were “unbelievably changed” when police would stop people who they suspected of carrying weapons, he continued, and “not just by a little bit.”

“It was massively changed,” he said. “It became a safe city, from an unsafe city to a safe city.”

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