Donald Trump, “…a Big, Bold, Different Leader”

Donald Trump, “…a Big, Bold, Different Leader”

Donald Trump, “…a Big, Bold, Different Leader”

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich describes Donald Trump’s appeal for having “done things that are big and bold and different.”

In a TV interview Sunday, Speaker Gingrich said, “I feel very close to Donald and his family, and I am confident I will have plenty of opportunity to try to help plan things and move things forward… I would certainly serve in the cabinet, preferably in a position he and I would work out.”

Speaker Gingrich said American voters are embracing Donald Trump’s non-establishment background.

“… he is outside of the regular order he gets things done, he is colorful. He is a guy who has consistently done things that are big, bold and different.”

“Andrew Jackson and Theodore Roosevelt remind me of Donald Trump,” he added.

Mr. Gingrich said Donald Trump’s weakness had been that “”he did not know the regular traditional Republicans as well as he should have.”

“Mike Pence will be a big help with this,” Mr. Gingrich said. “He needed somebody to be an Ambassador to traditional Republicans who have been around and suddenly startled by this new guy who has, in effect, taken over their party.”

Donald Trump’s campaign chairman say he (Donald Trump) never wanted a “yes man” on the ticket. “He wanted somebody who was experienced, someone who was successful and someone who could help him achieve the objectives in Washington. Mike Pence does that.”

Also, Sunday it was reported that Donald Trump intends to drop the names of potential cabinet members at this week’s Republican National Convention, that list will not include “a collection of elite Republican political hacks.”

The People will get an idea of how Donald Trump will govern, the caliber of people that he will bring to government will be Tier 1.

Trumpeting for Trump

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