Donald Trump, “”When will we get tough, smart, and vigilant?”

Donald Trump, “”When will we get tough, smart, and vigilant?”

Donald Trump, “”When will we get tough, smart, and vigilant?”

Steven L. Rogers, a former member of the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, said that Donald Trump is “absolutely right” that the US must take stronger action against terrorists in the wake of the EgyptAir jet crash.

During a TV interview Friday, Mr. Rogers referenced a tweet in which Donald Trump asked, “When will we get tough, smart, and vigilant?”

“He’s absolutely right. When are we going to get tough? What we are doing with ISIS in the Mideast. We’ve got to decapitate them,” he said.

Mr. Rogers, who also served in the Office of Naval Intelligence until his retirement in Y 2004, agreed with Donald Trump about ISIS and expressed hope that the presumed GOP nominee will be elected President.

“Mr. Trump said we’ve got to cut the head off, and that’s ISIS. We’ve got to respond to terrorism with strength. And hopefully, if the time comes, he’ll be able to do that,” he said.

The former intelligence officer stopped short of saying that he believed the jet crash was caused by a terror attack, adding that airplane’s “black box” flight recorder would contain the answers. However, he did note that a lack of security could have led to the crash.

“What we are talking about is not only a catastrophic failure regarding the aircraft, but there could have been a catastrophic failure regarding security,”

Mr. Rogers said that the US must now redouble its own security efforts, saying, “We’re going to have to check every single aircraft.”

He added that while no terrorist organization has taken credit for the crash, he doesn’t rule out a terrorist acting alone.

“It could have been a lone wolf. It only takes one person.”

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