Donald Trump 3.0, a ‘Great President’

Donald Trump 3.0, a ‘Great President’

Donald Trump 3.0, a ‘Great President’

Fourteen months into the current administration, CNN anchor Erin Burnett felt compelled to make a startling admission, Donald Trump may go down “as a Great president.”

She added, “And there’s no way around that. That is the reality here.”

Ms. Burnett’s assessment was referring to President Trump’s ability to get the NKorean dictator to the negotiating table and solve the 70-year-old problem with the communist regime.

But there is another factor already pushing Donald Trump into the “greatness” pantheon, the economy.

The 1st 3 Quarters of Trump’s presidency have been tabulated and GDP growth comes in at about 3%.

The magnitude of this result becomes clearer when one realizes President Obama averaged GDP growth of about 1.5%, so low it is considered near recessionary.

Shockingly, Barack Obama is the 1st US President since the Great Depression to never see a 3% GDP rate in any year of his Presidency.

In a short time, President Trump has jumped economic growth by almost a 100%!

This is the really Big Story of the Trump Presidency you have never heard on the nightly news.

President Trump critics are quick to deride him and take away the credit he deserves. They tell me he inherited this as a gift from Mr. Obama.

“How so?” I ask. I usually get shrugged shoulders.

Trump indeed drove economic growth last year.

It was a massive deregulation program, backing the Keystone pipeline, ANWR drilling, opening liquefied natural gas exports, and bringing in over $500-B in foreign investment and purchasing deals, all while delivering on a massive business and personal tax cut.

The media harps on his alt-right base, but miss his real base: small business people, entrepreneurs, and corporate America.

This “business class” love Donald Trump and see him as one of their own in the Oval Office.

We see evidence of their support in record business confidence numbers, including Gallup’s small business confidence index hitting records.

Make no mistake about it, Donald Trump has created a new version of the presidency. I call it “Trump 3.0.”

Typically a 2.0 version updates the original. But 3.0 breaks all the molds.

Coincidentally, 3.0 matches that high GDP growth rate President Trump has been overseeing.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned to the President that his Presidency is “Trump 3.0.”

He liked the idea, but quickly added, “It’s going to be 4.0, and then 5.0 very soon, you’ll see.”

Always striving and relentless, President Trump indicated to me he wants 4 to 5% GDP growth rates.

Most establishment economists scoff at such a goal.

But Donald Trump has a soul mate in Larry Kudlow, his new Chairman of the National Economic Council.

Mr. Kudlow, one of the country’s most respected macro-economists, was a key architect of Reagan’s economic program, one that gave the US hyper GDP growth in the 1980’s, reaching over 7% annual growth one year.

Mr. Kudlow tells me President Trump’s prediction of 4 and 5% GDP rates is not off. These benchmarks will be reached, he says.

So, forget the “smoke screens” the major media are pushing on the American people on a constant basis, non-stories like Russian collusion and Stormy Daniels.

The Big Story is about the economic miracle ignited by President Trump.

In journalism, we have always been counseled to “follow the money.”

Well, you should too, and make your own judgment about the President.

By Christopher Ruddy

Editor’s Note: Mr. Ruddy is CEO of Newsmax Media, Inc.

Have a terrific weekend.


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