Donald Trump is the 1st President in 16 yrs Serious about Winning

Donald Trump is the 1st President in 16 yrs Serious about Winning

Donald Trump is the 1st President in 16 yrs Serious about Winning

Retired US Army 4 Star General Jack Keane said he “applauded” President Donald Trump’s speech and vision for Afghanistan, adding that he is the 1st president in 16 years “serious about winning” in the war-torn country.

General Keane highlighted the 3 Key ways President Trump’s strategy “clearly committed the political and moral will of the United States to succeed in Afghanistan.”

  1. No artificial timetables.
  2. “We are not going to nation build. We are there to kill terrorists.”
  3. “Regional allies have a large role to play, especially Pakistan.”

“Pakistan has certainly gamed us for 16 years,” General Keane said. “They have never believed that we’re serious about winning, and I would have to agree with them. We never put a team on the field that was committed to winning. … President  Obama had no will to win. He was too concerned with having our troops exit concurrent with the end of his administration.”

The former Vice Chief of Staff of the US Army eviscerated former President Barack Hussein Obama for his mishandling and 8 years of ineptitude overseeing the United States’ strategy in Afghanistan.

“Obama doomed us when, while escalating the war with the Afghan surge, he said in the same announcement that we would pull out in 18 months. This made the Taliban realize all they had to do was stay away from us for 18 months, and they’d be able to resurrect their activities, which is exactly what happened. It was foolishness, to the height of irresponsibility.”

General Keane praised President Trump for giving back to ground command the tactical freedom to determine the rules of engagement instead of lawyers in The Obama Admin.

“It takes too long for us to get permission to shoot at the target,” General Keane said. “The Taliban senses what’s going on and simply drives next to a building. We’re not going to hit the building because there could be people in those buildings. They know our rules of engagement. We’ve had our pilots almost run out of gas flying in circles, waiting for permission.”

“I knew we had a protracted war on our hands that was not winnable and that it was likely that President Obama was just passing the eventual accountability for this war to his successor,” General Keane said.

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