DOJ’s Rosenstein Facing Contempt of Congress Charges and Impeachment

DOJ’s Rosenstein Facing Contempt of Congress Charges and Impeachment

DOJ’s Rosenstein Facing Contempt of Congress Charges and Impeachment

Early Thursday, Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL), raised the possibility of holding Deputy US Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in contempt of Congress and possibly impeaching him.

His comments came Thursday during an early morning TV interview

Conservative Republicans have become increasingly frustrated that the Justice Department has not turned over documents related to controversial topics, including surveillance of former Trump Campaign adviser Carter Page.

Mr. Rosenstein, under fire, has defended himself against attacks by those Republicans who have drafted articles of impeach about him, saying the Justice Department will not bow to outside pressure.

“I think it’s a continuation of Rod Rosenstein showing contempt for Congress and our constitutional oversight responsibility,” said Mr. DeSantis, a candidate for Florida Governor.

“We’ve been going for these documents for months and months and months. And what do they do — they stonewall, stonewall (and) trickle some out. We say we may hold you in contempt and they trickle some more out.

“I think there does need to be consequences. I think what he did really just underscores the contempt he shows for this process.”

Mr. DeSantis called on lawmakers to set a final date for release of all the documents.

“We need all the facts,” he said. “Let’s give them the final date, set a contempt of Congress hearing for the next day and if he doesn’t comply you hold him in contempt. And if he doesn’t comply once he’s held in contempt, then that’s when you move for an article of impeachment

“So, let’s get the facts and have some accountability.”

And he noted Rosenstein should be recused from this.

“He appointed a special counsel to deal with (FBI Director James) Comey’s firing that he himself recommended. And then he signed one of the FISA warrants in 2017, that’s the subject of this. So, he’s a part of this and I think certainly Jeff Sessions should not be recused from this part.”

“So, let’s get the facts and let’s have some accountability.”


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