DOJ  Lawsuit Against California Will Protect United States

DOJ  Lawsuit Against California Will Protect United States

DOJ  Lawsuit Against California Will Protect United States

Wednesday, Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA) applauded the Department of Justice for filing a lawsuit against the State of California, calling it a “great move” that will help defend the United States.

“Ultimately, our federal officers have an obligation to defend our country from enemies, foreign and domestic,” the California Republican said, explaining that the deadly MS-13 international criminal gang is both a foreign and domestic threat.

“They are operating gangs in our cities, and when federal immigration authorities ask for law enforcement to cooperate in identifying and deporting these people, they are obstructed,” said Mr. Issa.

His comments came after US Attorney General Jeff Sessions, while discussing the lawsuit during a California Peace Officers Association, said California state laws prevent US Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers from making deportation arrests.

He also had strong words for Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, who issued an unusual public warning last month about an immigration operation.

“How dare you?” he said of Ms. Schaaf. “How dare you needlessly endanger the lives of law enforcement just to promote your radical open borders agenda?”

The lawsuit challenges three laws that keep police from asking people questions about their citizenship status or otherwise participating in federal immigration enforcement activities.

Mr. Issa said the California laws actually tell private companies to not cooperate with the government, and also make the state less safe.

“This is making my state less safe,” he said “Shame on my governor (Jerry Brown) and shame on my attorney general. Shame on [former Attorney General] Eric Holder for advising them the laws are constitutional.”

The law mainly prohibits sheriff’s departments from when they identify a likely noncitizen illegal alien who has committed a crime, from notifying ICE so they can take them and deport them before they are back on the street, Mr. Issa said.

And in most cases, he continued, the person is a criminal, who is allowed to go back out onto the street and commit another crime.

“I think for voters, what they are to decide is, do we want to have immigration enforcement and law enforcement and biased way? He said.

The Big Q: Do we want to fix portions of the broken immigration system?

The Big A: Yes we do!


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