DOJ’s IG Investigating “Leak & Lie” James Comey

DOJ’s IG Investigating “Leak & Lie” James Comey

DOJ’s IG Investigating “Leak & Lie” James Comey

The Department of Justice’s  Inspector General now conducting an investigation regarding memos that sacked and disgraced former FBI director James Comey passed to a friend last year because it was later decided that one of them contained Classified information.

It was reported early Friday that the memos, which Mr. Comey gave to a friend to leak to the media, contained various degrees of Classified information.

Mr. Comey redacted portions of one of them because he knew that information was Classified. The other memo did not contain any protected information at the time but was later upgraded to Confidential, the 1st classification level.

The DOJ’s inspector general is now probing the matter.

Mr. Comey wrote several memos that supposedly documented his interactions with President Donald Trump before he was fired last Spring. Those memos were given to Congress Thursday and promptly leaked to the media that evening.

Mr. Comey, who served as FBI director starting in September 2013, shared the content of 4 of his memos with Columbia Law School professor Daniel Richman last May, with the intent of having Richman give the information to the NY-T’s, which he hoped would trigger a special counsel investigation of Donald Trump’s campaign. Former FBI director Robert Mueller was named the special counsel almost immediately.

Mr. Comey is on a national media tour as he promotes his new book that talks about his time as FBI director, including his thoughts on President Trump and the beginnings of the Russia probe.

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