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Do not expect House Roll Call on President Trump’s Impeachment, Dem Theater Only!


Thursday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in a TV interview said she does not think the impeachment inquiry on President Trump has gone past no return, and she does not think a vote to impeach him is inevitable in the House. 

We just go forward and follow the facts,” the California Democrat said. “There are some who say ‘why are you calling for an inquiry? You should just call to impeach.'”

Speaker Pelosi said it would not be a fair way to proceed, and it is not “worthy of the Constitution,” so lawmakers should “collect the facts (1st).

The House speaker was being interviewed at about the same time President Trump lashed out at her and House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff from the White House and tweeting about “Do Nothing” Democrats, said that it’s “up to him” on matters such as lowering the costs of prescription drugs and passing the US Mexico-Canada (USMC) trade agreement. 

She added that when she spoke with President Trump and did not hear the fear in his voice, she was surprised.

She added that she did not take her oath of office to support and defend the US Constitution, just as long as Republicans can understand it. 

“So the fact is that their loyalty is to Trump and not the Constitution is not going to slow down or impair our ability to keep the Republic,” the speaker said. 

She sounds mixed up, Yes?

Stay tuned…

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