In Digital Readiness Singapore Ranks #1, US #5, UAE 26th

In Digital Readiness Singapore Ranks #1, US #5, UAE 26th

In Digital Readiness Singapore Ranks #1, US #5, UAE 26th

A nation’s ability to take advantage of information and communications technology in order to increase its competitiveness and well-being depends on its readiness quickly to implement and adopt new technologies as they emerge.

The World Economic Forum identifies this ability as network readiness, and in its 2016 “Global Information Technology Report” calculated a NRI (network readiness index) for 139 countries based on a country’s “preparedness to reap the benefits of emerging technologies and capitalize on the opportunities presented by the digital transformation and beyond.”

The index aggregated data from 53 indicators, organized on the basis of a networked readiness framework that incorporates 4 drivers, or sub-indexes, they are as follows:

  1. Environment subindex comprising political, regulatory, business and innovation environments
  2. Readiness subindex comprising infrastructure, affordability and skills
  3. Usage subindex comprising individual, business, and government usage
  4. Impact subindex comprising economic and social impacts
  5. Developed countries where citizens enjoy high-incomes dominate the Top of the list. This group is known as the “Advanced Economies” and includes 34 of 35 Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) member nations in the top 50 nations (the exception is Mexico, ranked 76th).

Of the 32 nations categorized as Sub-Saharan Africa, 31 are among the bottom 39 ranked countries and just one, Mauritius in 49th, breaks into the top 50. This group dominates the bottom 33%of the list.

In between the Top and Bottom groups reside the world’s 2 largest developing nations, China at 59th and India at 91st.

This middle group is dominated by Latin American and Asian nations that are often characterized as developing nations.

Some highlights from the full report are as follows:

  1. The United States ranks 5th overall, the country’s ranking in internet bandwidth per user dropped from 34th in Y 2013 to 42nd this year.
    Among the most improved since the Y 2015 report are the Slovak Republic, + 12 places in the rankings, Kuwait + 11 places, and Italy + 10 places.
  2. The UK ranks 1st globally in using the internet to interact with consumers (B2C) and 2nd in business-to-business (B2B) interactions.

The report concludes: Individual adoption is growing steadily across the globe as efforts continue to close the digital divide. Business executives are optimistic about their countries’ growing innovation capacities, yet the digital innovation impact is so far coming through much more strongly in some countries than in others, the gap between 7 digital front runners and the followers is wide.

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