‘Destroy Trump’ Cabal Determined to Distract Congress from Tending to Business

‘Destroy Trump’ Cabal Determined to Distract Congress from Tending to Business

‘Destroy Trump’ Cabal Determined to Distract Congress from Tending to Business

Thursday, US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross said the ongoing investigation into ties between Russia and President Donald Trump is a distraction from more important items on the White House agenda.

“We have to get on with it, get this over with. It’s a sideshow,” Secretary Ross said in a TV interview.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein Wednesday named former FBI Director Robert Mueller as independent counsel amid calls by elite Republicans and Democrats for a special investigation of Russian meddling in the election after President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey last week. Mr. Mueller was the FBI Director during the 9/11 attacks.

“What the media forgets in the midst of this sideshow, this media frenzy, is: The president is running the country, getting ready to do an amazing trip to Saudi Arabia, to Rome, to Israel,” Mr. Ross said. “This is an incredible movement on his part that’s going to demonstrate once and for all that we’re not retreating into isolationism.”

President Trump will make his 1st overseas trip as President to Saudi Arabia to repair strained relations with the US under  former President Barack Hussein Obama.

The Trump Administration Thursday was expected to send a final letter notifying Congress that it intends to open trade talks with Canada and Mexico and to renegotiate NAFTA in 90 days.

Secretary Ross said that trade deals with other regions are missing an element of fairness in response to a question about reciprocity.

“You mentioned the concept of reciprocity, and that frankly is one of the things that’s missing from trade regimes. We’re not in a reciprocal mode at all right now. Take autos: We only have a 2.5% tariff on autos. The EU has a 10% tariffs on autos. How do we get them to drop their 10% tariffs to get rid of our 2.5%? The status quo already is not balanced properly.”

Before officially starting talks with NAFTA partners Canada and Mexico, The Trump Administration is required by law to notify Congress to begin 90 days of domestic consultations.

Robert Lighthizer, who was sworn in as US Trade Representative last Monday, has been on Capitol Hill meeting lawmakers for required talks before he can give Congress the official notification.

Reworking the trade deal was a Key campaign pledge by President Trump, who said NAFTA was a “disaster” that inflated the trade deficit and cost millions of US jobs, after threatening last month to withdraw from the Y 1994 agreement signed into law by President Bill Clinton, President Trump said later he favored a re-negotiation and he will end US involvement if talks do not go his way.

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