Dems Facing an ‘Almost Impossible Map’ to Retake Senate

Dems Facing an ‘Almost Impossible Map’ to Retake Senate

Dems Facing an ‘Almost Impossible Map’ to Retake Senate

  • Political analyst dubs it an almost impossible map, many others are even less optimistic.

But despite the Democrats’ long odds to retake the US Senate in November’s congressional elections, party strategists meeting in Chicago this week say the escalating legal troubles of President Donald Trump’s former associates and corruption scandals engulfing Republicans could boost Democrats chances.

The path remains difficult in the extreme, as voters are focused on the economy and immigration, not tea pot scandals

Democrats are defending 25 Senate seats this cycle including 10 in states President Trump won in Y 2016, some by huge margins. They need a net total of 2 seats to seize control of the chamber.

Having a majority would allow the party to derail or stall much of President Trump’s policy agenda and increase congressional oversight and investigation of the administration, as well as complicate future conservative nominations to the US Supreme Court should another vacancy occur.

Stu Rothenberg, a non-partisan political analyst, called the Senate landscape “an almost impossible map” for Democrats. But, he added, given the headwinds facing Republicans, “the Senate could be in play.”

In interviews at the Democratic National Committee’s (dNC’s Summer meeting in Chicago, 12 party strategists, party members and candidates discussed the party’s path and strategy to winning back the Senate, which Democrats last controlled in Y 2014.

Democrats say five races are particularly difficult this year.

They are spending hundreds of millions of dollars defending them. Losing just 1 of the seats in West Virginia, Indiana, North Dakota, Montana and Missouri, all won by President Trump in Y 2016 dooms any possibility of retaking the Senate.

An array of state polls give Democrats hope.

Opinion surveys show toss-up races in North Dakota, Indiana and Missouri. In Montana, which President Trump carried by 20%, incumbent Democratic Senator Jon Tester leads recent polls by an average of 5%. In West Virginia, which President Trump carried by over 40%, Democratic Senator Joe Manchin is slightly ahead in recent polling.

Those 5 states are clearly the biggest targets for Republicans

While straining to hold all the states President Trump won, Democrats are also focused on Arizona and Nevada, which strategists said are crucial pick-ups for the party.

In Arizona, where Republican Jeff Flake is retiring and John McCain is near death, Republicans are in a 3-way nominating contest ahead of voting next Tuesday.

Senator Dean Heller of Nevada is considered the most vulnerable Republican incumbent. Party strategists said his vote to repeal parts of the Affordable Care Act, aka Barack Obamacare, has been a gift in a state with many retirees and where access to healthcare is a major issue.

Internal Democratic polling shows that healthcare and the Republican tax cuts that some voters view as a giveaway to wealthy Americans and corporations are Key issues for Democrats this November.

DNC Chairman Tom Perez made clear that Democrats in Senate battles would highlight the political troubles (tea pot scandals) around President Trump after the conviction this week of Trump’s former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, and the guilty plea by his sacked personal attorney, Michael Cohen.

President Trump, who has denied of the affairs, paid Mr. Cohen out of personal funds and that the payments were not intended to benefit his campaign but to resolve a personal matter.

President Trump was never expected to win, he did delivering pain to the Dems , the elite GOP rhinos, the progressive socialists and the globalist. Thus disrupting decades of planing to downsize America’s place on the global stage as #1.

America First and Keeping America Great!

Have a terrific weekend.

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