Democrats at War: Clinton Attacks Sanders

Democrats at War: Clinton Attacks Sanders

Democrats at War: Clinton Attacks Sanders

Clinton has blamed everyone but herself for losing the election to Donald Trump, in her new book, Bernie Sanders is the scapegoat, it was him it seems that blew her chances of winning the Presidency.

In a series of excerpts posted online before the book’s publication, Clinton unleashes a savage attack on Bernie Sanders, her primary challenger for the Democratic nomination, she feels his unrealistic campaign promises were instrumental in her loss. She compares Sanders to the “deranged hitchhiker” character from the 1998 movie ‘There’s Something About Mary’ who offers “seven-minute abs” instead of “eight-minute abs.”

“Well, why not six-minute abs? That’s what it was like in policy debates with Bernie,” Clinton writes.

Accusing him of being deranged and unrealistic, Clinton also is not happy that Sanders was “impugning her character” — an incredible statement from a woman whose very lack of character cost her the election.

Clinton’s attack on Sanders is particularly surprising given the fact that he, endorsed her for president, actually went out campaigning for her despite knowing the fact she rigged the Democratic nomination by secretly working to sink his campaign with the supposedly impartial Democratic National Committee (DNC). Now she shows her gratitude in true Clinton style by devoting large parts of her new book to bashing him.

Clinton states that Sanders was “outraged about everything” and “thundered on” at every event about the sins of millionaires and billionaires. It is incredibly telling that she uses the fact that Sanders was outraged at injustice as an insult.

The idiotic memoir also blames the Media for attacking her, yes, we all ready the Podesta Emails from WikiLeaks that remain unchallenged showing deep links and Media corruption in her favour, even to the extent of giving her questions to the debate in advance.

Julian Assange was handed some blame as well, he released DNC emails through WikiLeaks during the campaign cycle, they were not falsified, they were not fabricated they were facts, Clinton it seems blames Assange for telling the truth, a commodity of some scarcity in the Clinton household. Assange should be “held accountable” for helping Russia and Putin by releasing information that damaged her campaign she claims, although still to this day there is no link between Russia and WikiLeaks.

Even Obama was blamed. If only Obama had made a speech announcing that America was “under attack” by the Russians, maybe people would have flocked to her campaign in droves. Maybe then it all would have been so different, here are some of the things Obama had to say about Hillary:

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