Democrats Staging a Coup d’état by Proxy

Democrats Staging a Coup d’état by Proxy


There is little doubt now that the Democratic party are no longer interested in winning an election, they have opted to use their minions BLM and Antifa to stage a Coup d’état.

Joe Biden is nothing more then a sideshow, most days he has trouble remembering his name or what year it is, he has not been put forward as a serious candidate, he is what he is, an old man with dementia. He is blissfully unaware of what is going on, clearly he wouldn’t know if his arse was on fire, he is not directing or planning the insurgency, that is being done deep inside the Democratic party.

The real Democrat game is playing out on the streets of the USA, armed BLM and Antifa terrorists imposing their will on the people, criminals that want the police defunded and then the citizens have no protection, they will be at the mercy of the insurgents.

When Trump is elected they will blame “Russia” or “China” or some other nonsensical imagined enemy and will ramp up the destruction of America.

Should Biden win, it is game over for the USA, they would have taught minorities how to seize power and the rioting and looting will continue for decades.

There is little doubt now the Democrats are on a path to bring America to it’s knees and usher in a new communist regime.

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