Democrats Have a Grim Outlook of the American Dream

Democrats Have a Grim Outlook of the American Dream

Democrats Have a Grim Outlook of the American Dream

Democrats have a grim outlook of the American Dream and the rights of Americans, according to the results of a new poll.

Key findings from an in-depth Pew Research Center survey titled “The Public, the Political System, and American Democracy:”

  • 37% of Democrats said the following sentence describes the United States very or somewhat well: “everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed.” 74% of Republicans said the same.
  • 38% of Democrats said the rights and freedoms of all people are respected in the US, with 60% of Republicans saying the same.
  • 34% of Democrats said the US succeeds at respecting “the views of people who are not in the majority on issues,” while 49% Republicans said the same.
  • A combined 48% of Democrats said democracy is working very or somewhat well in the US today, while a combined 72% of Republicans said the same.

Voters from both parties nearly agreed on some issues, however:

  • 17% of Republicans and 20% of Democrats said lawmakers from both parties work together.
  • 27% of Republicans and 23% of Democrats said the tone of political debate in the US is respectful.
  • 29% of Republicans and 30% of Democrats said politicians face serious consequences for misconduct.

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