Democrats are Running on Socialism and Anger

Democrats are Running on Socialism and Anger

Democrats are Running for Election on Socialism and Anger

  • They have No message, No messenger and No money

Friday’s news that America’s economy continues to grow with more jobs and less unemployment under President Donald Trump, Democrats are running scared because “they have no message, they have no messenger,’  a national spokesperson for the our President said.

“Right now the only thing we’ve got coming out of Democratic Party is that we should become socialists and abolish ICE and do all of these radical ideas.”

“They are grasping at straws because they can see the leadership of this president, because of Republican work that’s growing the economy, investing in our military, improving the VA for veterans. And these are the things that the president campaigned on and they’re working.

“The American people are seeing it in their paychecks. They’re seeing it in and at home around the dining room table, they’ve got that confidence back that the president always talks about and the Democrats have nothing to run on except for anger and socialism.”

​​According to the Labor Department, the US economy added 157,000 jobs, and unemployment fell slightly to 3.9% in July.

The Democrats are further stymied because their party is “being taken over by radicals” like Reps. Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi, both (D-CA), whose “radical ideas that are being rejected by the American people.”

President  Trump’s ongoing threat to shut down the government unless Congress approves the funding for his US-Mexico border wall is “not a bluff.”

The President’s been very clear on this for years …

We need the funding to secure our borders which includes a wall, which includes reforming the outdated immigration laws.


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