Democrats and Anti-Trumper’s “Overplaying” Their Hands

Democrats and Anti-Trumper’s “Overplaying” Their Hands

Democrats and Anti-Trumper’s “Overplaying” Their Hands

Democrats’ focus on determining what crimes can be found against President Donald Trump will eventually backfire on them, just like when Republicans “overplayed” their hand against former President Bill Clinton.

“Democrats don’t win by trying to make a criminal out of their President,”,Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz said Wednesday.

Note: When either side overplays its hand, it causes them to forget their positive agendas.

A few weeks ago, some Democrats in Congress were starting to talk about impeaching President Trump, but much of the talk has stopped, and people who do not support the President are starting to speak differently, he said.

Enough is Enough, The American people do not want to see our time and energy spent on criminal investigations, the DOJ cannot prosecute the President of the United State..

The Big Q: Did the Russians try to influence our elections?

The Big A: Ok, investigate that till the “cows come home” there is no way to stop that, we do it too, prime example Hussein Obama Vs Bibi Netanyahu. It is not President Trump’s fault that President Putin abhors Hillary Clinton and all she stands for.

Should the President have the power in the future to fire the FBI Director, yes definitely.

Mr. Dershowitz also said he does not get the sense that the Democratic Party wants to turn the page and get back to tax reform, healthcare, or other issues.

“They (the Democrats) are a divided party, without a leader,” said Mr. Dershowitz, a lifelong Democrat.

“Right now, the visible manifestation of the Democratic Party is Bernie Sanders, or Keith Ellison. The party is moving lefter and lefter and lefter, and they are not going to get the centrist Americans who they need to win in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, if they want to turn this thing around.”

Democrats need to have a positive program that shows they are better than the Trump administration, he added, and “focusing on whether Trump committed obstruction of justice is getting them nowhere.”

There are many conflicts of interests involved in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, including with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

“The Justice Department is trying to prosecute a president for following a dictate of the Justice Department,” he added.

“The very person who appointed a special prosecutor wrote a memo saying former FBI Director James Comey should be fired, and ‘now we are going to prosecute you for firing Comey.’

“Who do you think the 1st witness is going to be for Donald Trump? The deputy director of the Justice Department is the man. That’s already a conflict of interest.”

Stay tuned…

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