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Democrat Lawmakers Fear Mr. Biden’s Loose Immigration Plans


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Biden is going to be dealing with a minority in Congress if he continues down some of these paths.” –Representative Vicente Gonzalez (D-TX)

Democrats in states where immigration is a Key issue fear that Mr. Biden is walking into a political buzzsaw by moving too quickly to change President Trump’s immigration policies. Saying Mr. Biden’s messaging and policy proposals are too much, too soon.

The way we’re doing it right now is catastrophic and is a recipe for disaster in the middle of a pandemic,” said Representative Vicente Gonzalez (D-TX).

Our party should be concerned. If we go off the rails, it’s going to be bad for us,” Mr. Gonzalez said. “Biden is going to be dealing with a minority in Congress if he continues down some of these paths.”

The Biden Plan offers an 8-yr path to citizenship to the estimated 11-M+ people in the US without legal status.

The immigration plan is anticipated to reflect the reforms Mr. Biden spelled out on his 1st day in office. Those include an increase in visas and funding to process asylum applications.

Representative Henry Cuellar (D-TX) has been voicing concerns since before Election Day that quickly reversing President Trump’s policies would result in an increased number of illegal migrants at the southern Immiborder.

I said: ‘Hey, we don’t want the wall but when it comes to the other issues we gotta be careful that we don’t give the impression that we have open borders’ because otherwise the numbers are going to start going up,” he said. “And surely enough, we are starting to see numbers go up.”

On the subject economist and business expert Bruce WD Barren says, “In my opinion, not only will the number of questionable border-crossing immigrants go up but so will their costs in social welfare where various states are already finding this burdensome.

Also, the effect to unemployment will only add to our economic recovery woos for either they will be taking away potential or existing employment from legalized Americans or cause existing wages to be further squeezed. 

 “What the President and Congress should be focusing on is a viable employment agenda plus how do we create more jobs, not stealing jobs from people who want to work and work legally in our country.

“Further, our State budgets are already sweltering with unnecessary recovery costs. Where is our Federal fiscal responsibility or has that also disappeared into yesteryear.”

It is notable that Political polarization is having far-reaching impacts on American life, harming consumer welfare and creating challenges for people was reported ins recent study from the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing” Mr. Barren added.

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