Deep State Pushing War with Russia

Deep State Pushing War with Russia

Deep State Pushing War with Russia

Lieutenant General Ben Hodges, the commander of the US Army forces in Europe, openly said that Sweden’s increased military activity is a reaction to what Western countries often describe as Russia’s growing “assertiveness.”

Much like the Deep State propaganda we see on CNN etc, Russia is being painted as a political outcast preparing war on the world, but in fact they have been building trade ties, improving their economy and securing the future for the nation.

“Russia has changed the security environment,” Hodges told the Swedish Dagens Nyheter newspaper on Sunday, adding that “we have to react to that, and not just the US, but the whole of NATO.”

“The fact that Sweden decided that they have to put troops back on Gotland is a very clear indication of what’s going on. Sweden is known as moderate, credible and alliance free. Nevertheless, Sweden felt that this was necessary,” he added.

Sweden removed a permanent military base from the island of Gotland after the Soviet Union’s collapse. However, it re-established a permanent military presence on the island in 2016, citing “external factors” and the “strategic importance” of the island.

On Sunday, Hodges also drew attention to the strategic relevance of Gotland, saying that he does not think “there is any island anywhere that is more important.” He also said that he “looks forward to [his] soldiers being given the opportunity to train as much as they can with you [the Swedish Armed Forces].”

On July 20, Stars and Stripes reported that the US plans to deploy a Patriot missile battery, helicopters and a National Guard tank company to Sweden in September to join the Aurora 17 drills.

In June, the Swedish military also announced its intention to replace all of its aging air defense systems and potentially buy US-made Patriot missiles, citing an alleged threat from Russian Iskander-M missile systems stationed in Kaliningrad.

Russia repeatedly expressed its concern over Sweden’s increased military activities and its closer cooperation with NATO. In early June, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that Moscow would have to take additional security measures if the Scandinavian country decided to join the alliance.

“If Sweden joins NATO, that will affect our [bilateral] relations in a negative way,” Putin said at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, adding that Russia would have to react to the decision as if it were “an additional threat.”

At the same time, he stressed that Russia poses no threat to Sweden and does not plan to do so in the future.

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