Debra Messing Directly Supports Violent Protest at Berkley

Debra Messing Directly Supports Violent Protest at Berkley

Debra Messing is an American actress and Global Health Ambassador for the UN sponsored PSI. As an Ambassador, Debra has visited PSI’s HIV prevention programs in Zimbabwe and Zambia to bring attention to progress being made against the epidemic.

However that caring facade seems to hide a dark side, Debra Messing deliberately and directly encouraged violence at Berkley, then celebrated the outcome.

Here is a video of what Debra Messing was so happy about

In the Tweet Pictured above Debra Messing was celebrating the denial of the right to free speech to Milo Yiannopoulos a Greek-born Gay British journalist, author, entrepreneur, public speaker, a “cultural libertarian” and “free speech fundamentalist”, he is a vocal critic of third-wave feminism, Islam, social justice, political correctness, and other movements and ideologies he deems authoritarian or belonging to the “regressive left”. Yiannopoulos has been called a spokesperson for the alt-right, although he denies this even if he recognizes that he may share some of their political views. He considers himself a reporter of and “occasional fellow traveler” with the movement. He was permanently banned from Twitter in July 2016 for what the company cited as “inciting or engaging in the targeted abuse or harassment of others”.

Berkeley blamed the riot on “150 masked agitators” who interrupted an otherwise peaceful protest, and announced that it had canceled the talk and removed Yiannopoulos from campus “amid the violence and destruction of property and out of concern for public safety.”

His planned speech was cancelled because of people like Debra Messing, once sort-of-famous Hollywood wannabes encouraging others to take up violent resistance to anything they do not like.

After the violence had stopped the event, Debra Messing said she did not condone violence in any way, so, encourage the violence, get the result, condone the violence a tactic common to terrorist groups.

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