Deadly Rioting, Looting, Shootings in Charlotte, NC for 2nd Night

Deadly Rioting, Looting, Shootings in Charlotte, NC for 2nd Night

Deadly Rioting, Looting, Shootings in Charlotte, NC for 2nd Night

Wednesday night, several hundred Black ((90%) and White (10%) protesters rallied Wednesday in Charlotte, NC, where authorities are experiencing a 2nd night of rioting after the fatal police shooting of a Black man who police officers said had refused their orders to drop his handgun.

Late Tuesday, 16 officers were injured, and early Wednesday as police in riot gear clashed with rioters who hurled stones, set fires and briefly blocked an interstate highway.

So far 8 people have been injured so far Wednesday and taken to hospital for treatment, and 1 civilian shot dead in the street by another civilian.

“We are tired of people, especially police, killing our black men,” a longtime community activist, said at Wednesday evening’s rally, where the mood is angry, hostile and dangerous. “Charlotte has always been quiet. But now it is time to be loud.”

 The trouble in Charlotte unfolded as demonstrators in Tulsa, Oklahoma, demanded the arrest of a police officer seen in video last week fatally shooting an unarmed Black man who had his hands in clear view at the time.

The deaths were the latest incidents to raise questions of racial bias in US law enforcement, and they stoked a national debate on policing ahead of the Presidential election in November.

US President Barack Hussein Obama spoke by telephone Wednesday with the mayors of Charlotte and Tulsa, a White House official said.

Police shootings in New York, Chicago, Ferguson, Missouri, and other cities have sparked more than 2 years of sometime peaceful protests, but often angry, violent, dangerous looting riots punctuated by days of unrest and arson fueled by the Black Lives Matter civil rights movement.

Black activists are calling for an economic boycott of Charlotte.

Stay tuned…


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