De-Stress, Unwind, Relax

De-Stress, Unwind, Relax

FLASH: Successful men and women today are used to the 24/7 mentality, and it can be hard for them to turn it off and relax, when they need to.

Today,for the 21st Century hard working Superdads and Suprtmoms juggling careers, children, home can be very stressful if you do not know how to manage things effectively.

And so, all work and no play, makes Jack & Jane dullards.

There are countless studies that point directly to negative effects on the careers, family lives, and children’s upbringing due to workplace stress.

Below is a list of things people can do when they need to chill out, as follows:

  1. Find Your Inner Chef – Cooking real food at the end of the day is great fun and pure relaxation, whether for themselves, family, or guests. Eating real food is also very healthy,
  2. Party Like a Rock Star – Some friends are successful business owners used to have garage band and dreams of rock stardom back in the 80’s. Many of them “relax” by “Rocking Out.” A few have even “gotten the old band together” and are playing “gigs” at local pubs and coffee shops, and some’s passion is Karaoke.
  3. Get Your Hands Dirty – Whether it’s restoring old cars, working on your boat, building furniture, gardening, or just some “do it yourself” project for home improvement, a good number of business owners say they cannott wait to “get their hands dirty” and go at something with some tools to melt the workday stress.
  4. Martial Arts – Martial Arts has the 2X stress relief of meditation and introspection with the added “punch” of hitting something. If you want to downplay the more aggressive aspects, Tai-chi and Qigong are more of moving meditations then they are combat, and are great stress relievers.
  5. Sail Away – If you live and work by the water you can learn to sail, the stress relief that can be gained by sailing the high seas is amazing. I used to sail for relaxation and competitively, and really enjoy the camaraderie and team building that provides.
  6. Fishing – Fishing, both “rod & reel” and spear fishing is a very popular way for hard working business owners to unwind. In terms of stress reduction, there is much to be said for fishing, or any sport that gets you out into the great outdoors and the opportunity to commune with nature.
  7. Flying – Some business owners I know head to the wild blue yonder to chill and unwind. From skydiving to hang gliding, or piloting any number of small aircraft, many CEO’s get high on O2.
  8. Write Stuff – Not as sexy and exciting as some of the other things on my list, but too many people journal, blog, or otherwise writing as a way to decompress, as they look for their inner Hemmingway.
  9. On the Road – As the song goes, “head out on the highway.” Many people like off-roading, or driving on a long stretch of blacktop.

The Big Q: Relax, who has time to relax?

The Big A: Make time, it is very rewarding.

Every successful man or woman that I know all realized the need to have something in their lives to help them chill out and unwind, and they do it!

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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