‘The DC Swamp’, Why it is Being Drained

‘The DC Swamp’, Why it is Being Drained

‘The DC Swamp’, Why it is Being Drained

This is a followup to my Easter in DC Swamp Draining story, click here.

Democrats, elite Republicans alike and major media in the US have turned a blind eye to highly questionable and many believe illegal actions by former President Barack Hussein Obama’s FBI, Department of Justice (DOJ),  and Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Literally floors and floors of Kafkaesque not elected bureaucrats who have taken it on themselves to implement the thoughts and notions of some elected progressive politicians.

During the days of Watergate and The Nixon Administration, it was those in the GOP who tasked 3 of their leaders, Barry Goldwater (R-AZ), Hugh Scott (R-PA, and US House Leader John Rhodes, (R-AZ), to tell the drunk and disillusioned then President Richard M. Nixon it was over.

This after a major effort and expose’ by the WP, which became known as the Watergate scandal.

And it was Senator Howard Baker (R-TN), the ranking Republican on the special Senate committee investigating the Watergate break-in, asked the Key and historical question, ” . . . what did the President know, and when did he know it?”

Back then as is now, the mainstream media and Democrats abhorred President Nixon.

Unlike Congressional Republicans in the days of Watergate who confronted Mr. Nixon not 1 Democrat or member of the major media has raised a question regarding the corruption and illegality emanating from the top floors of the FBI, DOJ, and IRS.

The Big Q: Why?

The Big A: Because the pool of corruption is populated by top level hold-overs from The Hussein Obama Admin, an administration which will surely be recognized as 1 of the most corrupt in the  history of our Republic.

What we already know is this, as follows:

  1. Mr. Hussein Obama’s IRS was used to target his admin’s political opponents
  2. His FBI Director James B. Comey and associate Peter Strzok engaged in questionable conduct to shield Hillary R. Clinton and her Top aides from prosecution for her private e-Mail usage, and other high crimes.
  3. Agent Strzok sent anti-Trump texts to his FBI mistress for which he was removed from Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s probe of President Trump and demoted.
  4. Former Associate Attorney General Bruce Ohr met with anti-Trump dossier writer Christopher Steele and the head of Fusion GPS, hired with DNC money to develop a ‘Dark File’ on Presidential candidate Trump, while Mr.  Ohr’s wife worked for Fusion GPS the ‘Developer’ company.
  5. FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe  refused to recuse himself from any involvement in the Hillary Clinton investigation after his wife accepted over $700,000 in campaign funds from Clinton ally, then the Democrat Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe.

And if that (above) was not enough to cause Key sackings and prosecutions, many of us believe there is a big bombshell looming.

It may be proven that the FBI used that anti-Trump phony dossier to get permission from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance (FISA) Court to spy on Trump’s campaign officials.

Mr. Hussein Obama’s deep state operatives entranched in law enforcement and intelligence agencies corrupted and weaponized the law enforcement and intelligence capabilities of the US government.

This included the illegal and admitted unmasking and spying upon American citizens, all directed against the Republican Presidential candidate and incoming President Donald Trump

Recently, Alan M. Dershowitz, professor emeritus at Harvard Law School, wrote in the NY-T’s, “An overly flexible, easily expanded criminal statute is a loaded weapon capable of being fired by zealous prosecutors at almost any target. It is time to store the weapon until it is really needed, and not the next time someone wants to wound his political enemies.”

The Democrats think they can pull the wool over America’s eyes on this corrupt Gang, but hang on, the American people are not stupid, they have taken notice.

A majority of polled voters in the latest Harvard CAPS-Harris survey, 54%,  say special counsel Robert Mueller has a conflict of interest because of his ties and close friendship with the sacked former FBI Director James Comey who succeeded him. That includes 70% of Republicans, 53% of Independents and 40% of Democrats.

The Congressional Democrats’ are clearly not sensitive as the American public’s sentiment on this Key issue.

Americans are asking why not 1 Democrat has raised questions about these Key findings, the IRS targeting of Republicans, or the unprecedented requests for unmasking by Mr. Hussein Obama’s national security adviser, AG, and US Ambassador.

It is clear that Democrats on Key House and Senate committees charged with protecting the legal and foreign policy interests of our country are putting the protection of deep state Obama operatives ahead of their sworn duty to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States . . . ”

And on that Oath, based on their silence, 1 would think that Congressional Democrats have their own secret Oath, that being “to support and defend the Constitution of the United States”, as long as it promotes the interests of the Democratic Party and advances a Marxist progressive agenda.”

Mr. President, Keep draining The DC Swamp!


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