The DC Cannabis Coalition Gifting Marijuana on Inauguration Day

The DC Cannabis Coalition Gifting Marijuana on Inauguration Day

The DC Cannabis Coalition Gifting Marijuana on Inauguration Day

A group that supports the legalization of Marijuana will hand out free “joints” in Washington, DS on Donald Trump’s Inauguration Day, January 20, according to news reports.

The DC Cannabis Coalition will start the handouts at 8:00a, then the group will march to the National Mall. The giveaway will be legal on District of Columbia land, the report said.

FORT WORTH, TX – FEBRUARY 26: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a rally at the Fort Worth Convention Center on February 26, 2016 in Fort Worth, Texas. Trump is campaigning in Texas, days ahead of the Super Tuesday primary. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

“The main message is it’s time to legalize cannabis at the federal level,” Adam Eidinger said. He founded DCMJ, a group of District of Columbia residents that helped get Initiative 71 passed in February 2015, which made it legal to possess, grow, or give away 2 oz or less of Marijuana in the District, but not to sell it.

“We do not want any money exchanged whatsoever, this is really a true gift to people who come to Washington, DC,” Mr. Eidinger said.

The group will give away 4,200 Marijuana cigarettes aka “joints”. The plan is to light up at 4 mins and 20 secs into Donald Trump’s speech, “420” is a code term that means time to light up Marijuana.

Mr. Eidinger believes that President Elect Trump’s pick for US Attorney General, Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL), will roll back any successes at legalization.

“We are looking at a guy who as recently as April said that they are going to enforce federal law on marijuana all across the country. He said marijuana is dangerous,” Mr. Eidinger said.

The organizers say they will inform users that they will be subject arrest if they light up or smoke on federal property.

“We are going to tell them that if they smoke on federal property, they are resisting arrest. But that’s a form of civil disobedience. I think it’s a good protest. If someone wants to do it, they are risking arrest, but it’s a protest and you know what, the National Mall is a place for protest,” Mr. Eidinger said.

The event is not meant as a protest against Donald Trump or to disrupt the ceremony, he says.

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