Davos Elite “Globalists” Meet the Real Donald Trump

Davos Elite “Globalists” Meet the Real Donald Trump

Davos Elite “Globalists” Meet the Real Donald Trump

The Davos elite were keen to see the real Donald Trump. They got the business-friendly billionaire, and the leader who has told the rest of the world at large America is back, align of be left behind.

US President Donald Trump marched in and confronted the world’s political and business elite Thursday, with his America First Team and made it clear that he will executes an anti-globalist manifesto in trade, taxes and currency rates.

President Trump joined the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos with foreign exchange markets uncertain and Washington’s trading partners worried.

President Trump smiled and waved to onlookers at the gathering in the Swiss Alps held up cameraphones as he entered the conference venue.

“It’s very exciting to be here, we’re very happy to be here. The United States is doing very well,” President Trump said, before heading into bi-lateral talks with British Prime Minister Theresa May.

“This will be a very exciting two days,” he said, after having demonised the globalist Davos crowd on his unorthodox march to the White House.

Other government leaders and business tycoons in Davos are agog at the tempestuous course of U.S. policy under Trump. He will deliver the Keynote address to,the forum on its closing day Friday

Currency traders and US trading partners go a surprise in Davos this week whenPresident Trump’s Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin, appeared to back away from decades of support by his predecessors for a “strong dollar” policy by declaring “a weaker dollar is good for us.”

A weak USD would potentially boost US exporters but cause headaches for all other trading nations.

“We are not concerned with where the dollar is in the short term, it is a very liquid market and we believe in free currencies,” the Secretary Mnuchin told reporters Thursday.

His latest comments helped depress the USD to a 3-year low Vs EUR. and were taken as reinforcing a broad offensive in trade built on the America First platform.

“We want exchange rates to reflect economic fundamentals… and we shouldn’t play with these rates,” he said in Davos.

Business leaders in Davos have this week given a broad welcome to President Trump’s sweeping tax reforms, but European political leaders fear a “race to the bottom” as the United States gains in appeal to foreign investors.

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