Darren Weir Unfairly Treated by Victorian Authorities

Darren Weir Unfairly Treated by Victorian Authorities

The raid on Darren Weir conducted this morning by Police has been blasted not only around Australia but around the world thanks to the amazing coincidence of the media showing up to film the raid.

How exactly does that happen, are the Police orchestrating these arrests with the Media in an attempt to prejudice public opinions and future Jurors? It is a practice that has become common in many parts of the world but it smacks of corruption and persecution, and that’s just the beginning of the Darren Weir arrest fiasco.

Regardless of what you think of Weir the show put on by the Media and the Victorian Police should concern you greatly, it should terrify industry participants and it serves as a reminder that collusion between the Police and Media can be used against anyone, it has to stop.

Remember this is the same Victorian Police Force and Media outlets that could not find over 1000 African Gang Members, they repeatedly told us they did not exist.

Darren Weir runs a very big operation that covers a large area of land, buildings and employs many, many people, anyone of those people could have been responsible for the items found on the property this morning, locating an item on a large property alone is by no means evidence of anything against anyone in a court of law, the items must be linked to an individual.

However the Media followed the Police line and painted a picture of Weir that was clearly to end his career today, before any review of the evidence before any conviction, that was the objective of the Police/Media joint effort.

Police released Darren Weir and two other men without charge, how about that? With all of their ongoing investigation and with all of the items from the search they still did not have enough evidence to charge anyone. Tghe release raises a very serious question about how they managed to secure a search warrant for the premises, and if he was actually arrested what was he arrested for ? was he arrested for questioning, that would be 100% illegal and should outrage the entire nation.

Was the whole thing a fishing expedition? again 100% illegal.

While we absolutely condemn any form of animal cruelty in Horse Racing or any form of race fixing we equally condemn the removal of the rights of citizens of Australia, we condemn the process of conviction via the Police/Media, it is Australia, we have rights we must defend.

Darren Weir like anyone else is innocent until proven guilty, and all those petty industry participants (an industry rife with gossiping whores) celebrating what happened to Weir this morning should beware, they might be the next .

If Darren Weir is guilty then it is a matter for the Court to determine in the proper process.

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