It is Dangerous to Underestimate the Skills of President Donald Trump

It is Dangerous to Underestimate the Skills of President Donald Trump

It is Dangerous to Underestimate the Skills of President Donald Trump

Yes, there are manufactured controversies ‘swirling’ around the White House and talk by some grandstanding frightened Democrats about articles impeachment, but it “dangerous” to underestimate President Donald Trump’s skills a a businessman and a survivor.

In an opinion piece for The WP posted Saturday, Ronald Klain, a senior advisor to Hillary Clinton’s Y 2016 campaign asserted “Trump is down but not out” and his Y 2016 campaign proves it.

 “It is dangerous to underestimate Trump’s survival skills,” Mr. Klain wrote.

“And so, as the appointment of a special counsel to investigate the Russia mess has Washington buzzing with nascent impeachment talk, 25th Amendment scenarios and rumors about resignation, it is worth remembering how tenaciously Trump pursued power, along with five key assets he has to maintain his grip on it.”

Mr. Klain argued that Trump is an “incredibly skilled politician and businessman,” and now has the “power of the Presidency” behind him  along with a GOP-majority Congress that has shown “a penchant for dismissing concerns about Trump so long as he continues to pursue an agenda of repealing Obamacare and cutting taxes.”

The “intensity of his most devout supporters” also serve as “a powerful check on Republican Senators and Representatives who might stand up to Trump,” he added.

And finally, he wrote, “there is the frightening risk that Trump’s die-hard supporters are more devoted to President Trump than they are to the rule of law,” pointing to a Trump campaign e-Mail describing growing scrutiny of President Trump as “Sabotage.”

“The effort to hold him accountable for any abuses of power will face formidable obstacles in the weeks and months ahead,” Mr. Klain wrote. “He should not be underestimated.”

We are seeing now that on his 1st trip abroad into the chaos and uncertainty created by the Bush (43) and Hussein Obama polices he is being lauded and awarded by the regions leaders as keeps his campaign promises.

For my part, I see the subversive machine running out of the Jarrett Wing of the rented, walled DC manse of Barack Hussein Obama as doomed. Mr. Hussein Obama and his minions are living in a wasting dreamscape, that may soon turn nightmarish.

When The Swamp drains it will take Mr. Hussein Obama with the rest of the ‘brackish water.” Hill and Billy are already washed away.

Stay tuned…


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