Dakota Access Pipeline Into Operation This Week

Dakota Access Pipeline Into Operation This Week

Dakota Access Pipeline Into Operation This Week

Crude Oil will  start flowing through the Dakota Access Pipeline “this week,” the company said.

It was reported late Monday, that a 2-page filing in the DC Circuit Court, a weekly update on the project’s status ordered by a judge in February, the filing was heavily redacted due to “recent coordinated physical attacks along the pipeline that pose threats to life, physical safety, and the environment,” the document stated.

The company’s lawyers told the judge any potential violence “will not stop” work to put Crude Oil into the pipeline. Energy Transfer Partners “now believes that Crude Oil may flow sometime this week.”

The pipeline, which is a 1,172-mile project running from North Dakota to Illinois with a daily daily capacity of 570,000 bbls of Crude Oil, continued to be fought by 2 Native American tribes.

Citing environmental and cultural issues, the tribes have asked a federal judge to rule on the validity of the permits issued to build it. But an Appeals court over the weekend rejected the tribes’ emergency request to halt work on the project.

The Cheyenne River Sioux, 1 of the tribes fighting the pipeline, said Monday it would crowdsource funds from supporters to keep its legal fight up and running.

Stay tuned…

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