Customizable Eco-Friendly Skincare Balls – Cosball

Customizable Eco-Friendly Skincare Balls – Cosball

CosBall is the world’s first personalized cosmetic solution for daily use. 

CosBall plans to shake up the industry by providing a high-quality, fully customized product, at a reasonable price. By utilizing blockchain technology, combined with big data and tokenized incentives, CosBall seeks to create the world’s largest analytical database for skin types, allowing them to provide the most accurate personalized cosmetic solutions.

Through skin analysis tools and a mobile app, users can receive real-time skin analysis. After this, they will receive a customized set of CosBall cosmetics put together for their unique needs, the same way a doctor prescribes medicine to a patient. Director Jang believes that, “We live in a world of customization, and it is about time we customize our cosmetics.”

Jang In-sang has not only produced a solution that will bring better products to more people, but CosBall is also highly eco-friendly. Every year, millions of bottles of cosmetics are thrown away, creation millions of tons of waste. With CosBall, each ball is bio-degradable. What would have taken a thousand years to decompose, now only takes one.

“We here at CosBall are all about results. Better skincare, and better for the environment.”

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