Curtis Stone’s ‘Gwen’ Butcher Shop Features the Best Meat in North America

Curtis Stone’s ‘Gwen’ Butcher Shop Features the Best Meat in North America

Curtis Stone’s ‘Gwen’ Butcher Shop Features the Best Meat in North America

Australia’s Blackmore Wagyu Beef  is now available at Chef Curtis Stone’s Los Angeles butcher shop, price $180 lb making itpossible to have the world’s best Steak at home if you live in Los Angeles.

Celebrity chef Curtis Stone and his brother, Luke, have opened Gwen, a restaurant and butcher shop featuring Australian Blackmore Wagyu and many other delectable fine meats and great charcuterie.


Great charcuterie starts with a skilled butcher who has a clear understanding of specific cuts and how they should be processed. Curtis Stone and his skilled team have years of experience in Europe and the US making charcuterie using true European techniques.

They created Gwen’s charcuterie program from scratch, building on offerings over time as meats are processed and aged to perfection. These marvelous offerings are displayed in a glass-enclosed dry-aged and cure room set behind the butcher counter. They are proud of what they do and want guests and customers to see this for themselves, I did a few weeks ago, and the food and coffee are as good as it gets.

Mr. Stone, who trained under London Chef Marco White  before becoming a television personality, is the only chef currently bringing the rare Australian steaks to North America. He is also the 1st to sell them in the US, securing a distributor license to do so.

Blackmore has distributors in 14 countries, for more information go  here.

“There are only a few world-class butcher shops in the world, and there has never been one in Los Angeles,” Chef Stone said during an interview recently.

Chef Stone’s says, “We are prioritizing the most delicious cuts in the world,” he said.


Australian Blackmore Wagyu, a pure breed of cattle devised by the Victoria-based cattle farmer David Blackmore.

“Blackmore has literally redefined the way the Aussies think of meat,” said Chef Stone. “Japanese graders had to change the way they graded steaks from a 6 to a 9-point scale because Blackmore kept outdoing himself,” he added.

On the question of sustainability, Chef Stone says, “All the humane cues go hand in hand with creating the best tasting steaks,” he said, noting that Blackmore and his cohorts in the premium cattle farming industry use balanced diets and fair husbandry practices as key ingredients for delicious steaks.

Blackmore is developing a program called “Eco-Feeding,” which encompasses natural and nutritional feed lots, appropriate weaning time for young animals, and humane environmental standards. Plus “Australia has never had Mad Cow disease, so they are able to ship their bone-in products to the US”


If you live in or are travelling to Los Angeles and want a taste of Blackmore beef, book a table at Gwen.

The menu includes such items as a 42-oz bone-in Ribeye for 2 at $390. Or you can buy it from Gwen’s butcher shop and prepare it in your oven or grill at home

Blackmore’s production is limited, so in-person orders in Los Angeles are it for now.

Have a terrific week.

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