Cultural Marxism: Federica Mogherini Wants MORE Refugees

Cultural Marxism: Federica Mogherini Wants MORE Refugees

Cultural Marxism: Federica Mogherini Wants MORE Refugees

This evil woman has obviously not read a newspaper, seen any television or spoken to anyone she represents: More than 55 percent of Europeans say that immigration from Muslim-majority countries should be stopped. According to the poll, the opposition to Muslim immigration is “especially intense among retired, older age cohorts while those aged below 30 are notably less opposed.”

Federica Mogherini is a member of the Italian Democratic Party and the Party of European Socialists, yes a socialist pushing Cultural Marxism on to an already decaying Europe. She is promoting Sharia Law in Europe.

The link between Socialism and Cultural Marxism is undeniable, Europe, the USA and Australia took that Socialist High Tax reduced freedom turn over a decade ago, this is the result, it will get worse unless it is stopped.

Socialism is the worlds great evil.

Aging and graying Europe won’t close its doors to asylum seekers, as it needs immigration, the EU’s foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini, said, adding that Europeans had been migrants themselves “up to few years ago.”

“I believe Europeans should understand that we need migration for our economies and for our welfare systems, with the current demographic trend we have to be sustainable,” Mogherini said.

Mogherini slammed the stance of immigration opponents as “based on confrontation, instead of cooperation; on building walls, instead of building partnerships; on closures and bans, rather than dialogue,” promising the Europe will instead take a “fair” and “humane” approach.

“Let me be totally clear from the very beginning: Europe does not and will not close its doors. Also because – and as an Italian I think I can say it loud – we Europeans have been migrants ourselves up to few years ago.”

Mogherini called attention to the approximately 4,500 lives lost as asylum seekers tried to cross into the EU via the Central Mediterranean route in 2016 – the worst figure on record, according to the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR).

“Every day, every single day, people still die on the route; those we see at sea, those we do not see in the desert [in Africa]. Each one of those lives is one too many and we can save them, protect them; prevent these dangerous journeys only if we manage together,” she said.

Mogherini stressed that Europe shouldn’t “prevent people from seeking a better life elsewhere” and must “stop the tragedy at sea, and in the desert.”

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