Cuba Hands Over Eco-Terrorist Joseph Mahmoud Dibee to US

Cuba Hands Over Eco-Terrorist Joseph Mahmoud Dibee to US

Cuba Hands Over Eco-Terrorist Joseph Mahmoud Dibee to US

Cuban officials have handed over suspected eco-Terrorist Joseph Mahmoud Dibee, 50 anni, to the United States, just as he was about to board a plane to Russia.

Mr. Mahmoud Dibee was listed on an INTERPOL Red Notice, according to the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and was turned in on Thursday in compliance with international agreements, according to mainstream media reports.

Mr. Mahmoud Dibee and 4 others allegedly set a meat packing plant in Redmond, Oregon, on fire in Y 1997, causing $1.2-M in damages, according to the FBI. He has also been linked with similar eco crimes in California, Colorado, Washington and Wyoming between Ys 1995 and 2001.

Mr. Mahmoud Dibee has been tied to the Earth Liberation Front and the Animal Liberation Front, both considered environmental extremist groups by US government officials.

Mr. Mahmoud Dibee pleaded not guilty in Portland Friday, and is facing several charges, including conspiracy to commit arson, conspiracy to destroy an energy facility, and possession of a destructive device.

The FBI said Mr. Mahmoud Dibee fled the United States in late Y 2005, a year before he and 11 alleged co-conspirators were indicted under the Operation Backfire domestic terrorism probe. The group, known as “The Family,” allegedly took part in more than 40 criminal acts in the US totaling an estimated $45-M in damages.

The group’s “most notorious act” took place in Y 1998, when a ski resort in Vail, Colorado, was set on fire, causing $26-M in damages. Just 1 “Family” member, Josephine Sunshine Overaker, has not been captured. The FBI said she ran away to Europe in Y 2001, and that they are tracking her now,

The FBI warns of eco-Terrorists

The Earth Liberation Front (ELF) this week posted a manual on its Web site that tells would-be arsonists how to build simple bombs.

A predawn fire in rural Oregon Friday destroyed a logging truck and damaged two other vehicles belonging to a timber company that planned to cut down trees in an area environmentalists have sought to protect.

The Oregonian newspaper said Friday that no one had taken blame for the attack. Authorities would not comment on whether the incendiary devices used to start the fire were similar to ones used in earlier arson attacks believed to have been committed by Earth Liberation Front

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