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Crypto Keys: Decentralization is the Future of Currency


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Decentralization is Important for These Key Reasons.

  • You Cannot Manipulate a Decentralized Currency

Governments have all sorts of tools at their disposal affect currency rates. If they merely print more money as they did during the recovery from the last crash the value of the currency will fall. If they change interest rates, they affect the supply of money available, also changing its value. Governments can also spend more taxpayer’s money, sending more of the currency to run through the economy.

  • Currency leaves a lot of power in the hands of government and officials whose decision-making isn’t always predictable.
  • Decentralized Currencies are Democratic

That makes decentralized currencies the most democratic form of money ever created. Because it is not the currency of any country, no government decision can set its price. Decentralized currencies are entirely in the control of the people who use it. The more people who use Bitcoin to make transactions, the more demand there will be, and the higher the price will rise. But no government or body can try to counteract that pressure by producing more coins. It is down to to The People.

  • Decentralized Currencies Are Truly Global

Perhaps the core Key reason that decentralized currencies are the future of money is that they’re truly global. Just as decentralized currencies have no central authority that sets their value, so they also have no central location. Cryptocurrency users can send a digital coin from Nebraska to Nairobi and on to Nagasaki without ever running into trouble at an international border.

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