Creatively Include Movement in Your Daily Routine

Creatively Include Movement in Your Daily Routine

Creatively Include Movement in Your Daily Routine

  • Exercise Lengthens Life and Improves Quality of Life

Standing and moving helps with weight management and productivity. If you are at a loss as to how to creatively incorporate more movement into your day, there are several ways to accomplish this at home and at work.

Discuss the options of walk and talk meetings with your company’s administration, stressing the increased creativity and lower health costs they may enjoy.

At home and at work, you may consider moving objects you commonly use out of your immediate reach so you must get up to throw something away or to grab something off the printer.

Make it a habit of drinking 4 to 6 oz of water every hour and place your container of pure, clean water from home in the refrigerator. This way you wil have to get up to fill your glass and will likely have to use the bathroom on a more frequent basis.

Some companies are moving toward allowing employees to use standing desks or treadmill desks. Rather than sitting all day, you have the option of getting up and down. Keep in mind may take a couple of weeks to build a stamina to stand for several hours during the day.

If your employer is not open to a standing desk, consider standing at your current desk when speaking on the phone or when you otherwise do not need your keyboard. Ask your employer to consider an exercise ball chair. These are chairs with an open seat bottom where a Swiss exercise ball can be lodged.

This provides you with an unstable platform on which to sit and increases your core muscle engagement while sitting. Consider using a Swiss ball at home while watching TV or on the computer.

Although this next option does not offer additional weight-bearing and does not take the place of getting out of your chair, consider using a seated pedal exerciser. This is an under the desk apparatus that looks like the pedals on a bicycle and allows you to keep your legs moving while seated.

If used, it is important your chair is placed high enough to ensure proper posture while seated and engaged on the pedals while using your computer. Some desks and chair systems cannot accommodate these requirements.

Even with a regular, well-rounded workout routine, you may still find it an uphill battle to keep your body in its best shape if you are not fully committed to changing your habits. It can be a real struggle, especially if you do not know where to begin.

Your fitness goals can be easily achievable if you make the necessary lifestyle changes, and you can do it 1 step at a time, get in motion now!

Exercise Lengthens Life and Improves Quality of Life

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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