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Cranberries are Really Healthy for Us


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Throughout the Holiday season, from Thanksgiving through Christmas, sweetened cranberries are a popular item.

Based on their health benefits that range from antibacterial to prebiotic, raw cranberries may be a fruit you will want to include in your menu planning year-round.

  • Cranberries are a super fruit high in antioxidant and nutrient content. The fruit is best known for helping to prevent urinary tract infections; but most people do not know that sweetened cranberry juice does not have that beneficial effect
  • The fruit is high in polyphenols and prebiotic fiber, both of which help protect your heart health, including lowering systolic blood pressure and raising HDL cholesterol
  • Some compounds found in cranberries target the inhibition of cancer cell proliferation in the lab and have a chemoprotective effect against colon cancer in an animal model
  • The antibacterial properties of cranberries help reduce biofilm and plaque in the mouth, thus reducing cavity formation.
  • So, consider adding raw cranberries to your salad, salsas and smoothies.

If you would like to include cranberries in your diet, consider adding them to your salad, put some in your smoothie and add them to chutneys, relishes or salsas. The tart flavor goes well with spinach and chicken salad. Slice them before adding to your food, they’re easier to chew.

Avoid all sweetened cranberry foods.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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