Coy’s Legende et Passion Auction

Coy’s Legende et Passion Auction

Coy’s Legende et Passion Auction


But even when you consider the likes of the De Tomaso Mangusta, Ferrari Dino, and Lamborghini Miura, the Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Stradale still stands out. Even today, it has to be one of the most beautiful designs ever seen on 4 wheels.

To see one go up for auction is incredible.

Between 1967 and 1969, Alfa Romeo only built 18 examples of the street-legal Tipo 33. Surviving examples are both incredibly rare and desirable, so even though the one being auctioned by COYS Auctions is a continuation car, you can expect it to still sell for quite a lot of money.

Unfortunately, there is no auction price estimate available.

 Part of what makes this car so interesting is that it actually uses the front and rear sections of chassis #02, as well as an original suspension. The man responsible for creating these continuations, Giovanni Giordanengo, had Alfa Romeo’s blessing to build them and was even loaned an original body to create his aluminum replica.

The car looks absolutely incredible from every angle, including its gorgeous interior. All that is missing is the engine.

 The original engine could not be found, but the seller managed to find an original Tipo 33 crankcase and cylinder heads, as well as a correct 6-speed transmission. Those have all been assembled and fitted to the car, and correct pistons and a correct crankshaft are also available.

If the winning auction bidder wants the car to run, a later 3.0-liter Montreal V8 engine is also available and can be fitted in the place of the original.

But even with an incomplete or incorrect engine, this continuation car is still a work of art. Anyone with the means to acquire it should absolutely take advantage of this opportunity. It might not be perfect or an original, but with only a handful of Tipo 33 Stradale’s still in existence, this car is probably the closest anyone is going to get.

You can look for it at COYS’ Legend et Passion Auction Saturday, 14 May in Monaco, MC.

Stay tuned…

Paul Ebeling

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