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COVID-19 Fatigue is Real and Spreading


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What are your plans for 4 November, when COVID-19 will be officially over in the media, and we re-elected President Trump and the technocrats leave DC?”— Paul Ebeling

America’s healthcare officials are concerned that people are becoming really tired of following the restrictions and precautions they have declared needed to contain The China Act of War Virus aka COVID-19.

Statistics show that more people are returning to pre-virus activities. The collective exhaustion experienced worldwide as the virus’ 1st wave continues across the globe has been dubbed “pandemic fatigue.”

Surveys show that many more people along with washing their hands are embracing social gatherings and visiting friends and relatives.

For example, 72% of people in France said they were avoiding face-to-face meetings last May, according to a government survey. By mid-September, that figure fell to 32%.

With cold weather approaching, this trend to gather will become a problem as more people socialize indoors where experts think the virus easily spreads.

According to reports people are feeling a sense of burnout instead of the hope, unity and fear that helped them cope at the beginning of the medical emergency, they now understand that they have been duped.

According to a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 40% of adults have experienced anxiety, depression, and substance abuse in June. The chronically stressful situation has caused adverse mental health effects.

Medical holistic experts advise good hygiene, and self-care, real food diets as Key ways of combating pandemic fatigue, including getting enough sleep and taking long walks in nature. Exercise is another way to deal with the stress.

Do not let pandemic fatigue cloud your judgment about the precautions, but do not be afraid either 99.9% of the people who get the disease recover quickly or do not even know they had it when tested later.

The expert said that the chaos has triggered negative changes in some people’s’ lives, it may have the potential to elicit positive changes in the future like eliminating processed and junk foods from their diets.

If a glass is half empty and half full, it is both. So, fill it with no Fear!

Have a healthy day, Keep the Faith!

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