Couples Camp – Counseling Undercover

Couples Camp – Counseling Undercover

In a study conducted three years ago, researchers from the University of Washington found that the number of divorces spiked in August and March, coinciding with the end of vacation season; researchers theorized that marital splits were occurring after the intimacy couples expected from their vacations failed to materialize.

Cahoots Couples Camp

During the 15 years that Beth Liebling was a divorce attorney, the Cornell and George Mason UniversitySchool of Law-educated Liebling noticed this spike too and kept it in mind as she morphed from a professional helping couples amicably uncouple to a relationship expert who helps them rediscover what it means to passionately love each other.

That is why from Oct. 3 to Oct. 7, Liebling is offering her first three-day, high-end luxury couples camp in Orlando, Fla. Dubbed the Cahoots Couples Camp, the camp will take place in a sprawling mansion and feature delectable meals, sexy surprises, games, workshops and activities to encourage love and laughter. 

Liebling, who describes herself as camp director and romance concierge, is a 52-year-old divorced mother of five, and grandmother of one, who firmly believes monogamy shouldn’t mean monotony. “Couples Camp has been designed to help you conspire with your partner to rediscover what it means to love loving each other,” she says.

Beth Liebling

In an interview, Liebling can talk about: 

  • How to feel like a teenager in love again
  • Ways to stop having BMS (boring, married sex) or ABC Sex (Anniversary, Birthday, and Christmas Sex)
  • Why men should not be afraid of vibrators and women should buy men underwear
  • How even parents of young children can be more fun-loving and lustful

About Beth Liebling

Beth Liebling not only coaches individuals and couples about life, love and relationships, but she’s also the founder of Darling Way, a boutique dedicated to making passionate connections in relationships, author of the Amazon bestseller Love and Laughter: Sexy (Meaningful) Fun for Everyone, radio host, speaker, and advocate of healthy and exciting love. Her radio show, Love and Laughter with Beth, first aired on ESPN. 

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