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Coronavirus Relief Deal Not Likely Before Election


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Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin Wednesday said he and House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) are “far apart” on some details of another China virus relief package, and that an agreement would be hard to reach before the election.

The White House as well as Democrats and Republicans in Congress are under pressure to hammer out a bipartisan fiscal stimulus deal to help Americans weather the medical emergency chaos that has damaged the economy.

The 2 sides are divided over several priorities, Key is he load of Pork the Democrats want to include.

Meanwhile Senate Republicans are resisting as too expensive a $1.8-T offer that Secretary Mnuchin proposed last wk. Speaker Pelosi says it is insufficient and is calling for a $2.2-T aid package.

Secretary Mnuchin, who spoke with the California Democrat Wednesday, acknowledged the 2 are still “far apart” on priorty issues and said politics were “part of the reality.”

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