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Coronavirus Fatigue is Here, ‘The People’ are Beginning to Rebel Against Draconian Government Restrictions

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“The People love freedom, they will have it!” — Paul Ebeling

Most governments have failed to produce answers about when life will return to some version of normalcy.

President Trump’s plan to reopen the US economy is somewhat dependant on governors and mayors.

European leaders cannot say when the lockdowns will end because they do not know, plus cannot they agree on the right measures to take against it.

Americans, are not prepared to divest their liberties indefinitely. 

The Big Qs:

What happens if pandemic-weary citizens decide not to follow the rules? In the UK Boris Johnson has called for people to be “patient” as the government seeks to stifle a continuing wave of outbreaks.

But is the public growing weary of 10:00p pub curfews and other social restrictions?

 “I think everybody is fed up, I just urge people to be a little bit patient,” Johnson said. “We will get through it and we will save a load of lives, and that’s really the best I can say.”

So, what happens in the wks ahead if the population decides to follow the lead of a political decenter and collectively defy the rules?

What if the pubs and their customers all stay open until 11 or 12? Imagine a 10 p.m. closing on New Year’s Eve, or local councils refusing to enforce rules, or advising the police to turn a blind eye.

Americans may have become more cautious after President Trump came down with the virus: more people will wear masks, practice social distancing, work from home, wash their hands and generally be more vigilant, but for how long?

As in the case of Boris Johnson, the effect of this dramatic development may not be permanent. The shock will wear off, as it eventually did after PM Johnson fell ill in the Spring.

While the restrictions may be saving lives, there is no denying that millions of businesses are suffering, millions have lost their jobs and millions have lost liberties that they took for granted.

The Big A: In this Age of Populism, shifts in opinion matter.

They will become even more important if people start to wilfully ignore fresh regulations because they are bored with them, or they’re simply impractical, such as telling students not to go out. Like all laws, they can only be upheld and policed by consent, and, as we saw during civil disturbances this year and in the riots in Y 2011, if a population decides to break the law there’s not much the authorities can do to restrain them.

Saturday, they rallied for President Trump maskless in Beverly Hills, California and across America.

The outlook from economist and healthcare administrative expert Bruce WD Barren, as follows:

A new disease has now arisen through the World, caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic – restlessness, exhaustion, physical plus mental fatigue and frustration. The virus has taken different paths through many countries, especially in the United States, as countries and their leaders have tried to clamp down on its spread with a range of restrictions. 

Shared, though, is a public weariness and a growing tendency to risk the dangers of the coronavirus, out of desire or necessity, including social distancing and the wearing of masks. With no accepted vaccine yet on the market and its potential continuation through mid-2012 or even a second wave of the virus a possible reality, many people are flocking/ carelessly returning to bars, family parties, bowling alleys and sporting events much as they did before the virus hit, and others must return to school or work as communities seek to resuscitate economies.  

In sharp contrast to the Spring, the rituals of hope and unity that helped people endure the first surge of the virus are giving way to rational thinking. Added to this are the often contradictions in the Media and in an election year in the United States, these lackadaisical precautions are being swept aside and are not taken seriously. Americans especially are getting restless and impatient which is now being a concerning issue among our population. 

The only advice that I can give is to be patient and cautious for there are solutions for an acceptable virus vaccine on the horizon and it is now only a matter of time – and hopefully sooner than later.”

If you are intent on wearing a mask, wear a MAGA Mask, and wash your hand several times daily.

Have a healthy weekend, Keep the Faith!

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