The ‘Coolest” Christmas Gift Ever

The ‘Coolest” Christmas Gift Ever

The ‘Coolest” Christmas Gift Ever

This Incredibly Realistic Iron Man Suit by ‘The Toys Asia’

The Toys Asia has masterfully made a life-size Iron Man suit. It has all the movable components and flashing lights to make it look like it was taken from the wardrobe property room of the movie.

The suit reportedly has 46 motors and 567 parts and takes just 28 secs to complete its full transformation. When the parts are moved to leave the interior exposed, with beautiful blue lights illuminating it, the suit looks ready to host the film’s star, Robert Downey, Jr. himself.

The Toys Asia includes a remote control, which allows the Iron Man suit’s owner to open and close the armor with the touch of a button.

This gift is for extreme fans only, the Iron Man suit can be purchased on the Chinese brand’s website, where it’s listed for US $360,000.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Good Wished for Success in Y 2017

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