Conservative Hollywood Coming Out of the Shadows for Donald Trump

Conservative Hollywood Coming Out of the Shadows for Donald Trump

Conservative Hollywood Coming Out of the Shadows for Donald Trump

Being a Republican in the entertainment industry is not and has never been in vogue. But there are some executives, actors and craftspeople who now openly back Donald Trump into the GOP convention in Cleveland.

Despite the Industry’s reputation for progressive liberalism, not everyone in Hollywood sporting one of those “I Voted” stickers written in 6 languages cast vote for Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders during Tuesday’s California primary.

Many more than will admit voted for Donald Trump.

According to THR:

“It’s D-Day in California, and I voted for Trump,” says Dave Berg, who, as a co-producer on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno for several years, booked Trump as a guest more than a dozen times. Like many other Hollywood conservatives, Berg was uneasy about his vote.

“I was a vocal supporter of Marco Rubio, then of John Kasich,” he said. “Donald Trump was my 17th choice, but Hillary is my 18th choice.”

Hollywood liberals do not understand the attraction to Donald Trump or any Republican for that matter.

Mr. Berg and many more conservatives in the entertainment industry explained their equal disdain for the 2 Democrats running for President.

“Hillary is crooked,” Mr. Berg says, “and she is never challenged by the media. I saw a recent press conference and the questions were all along the lines of, “What is it like being on the verge of being the 1st woman to be President?’”

Mr. Berg predicts conservative celebrities will “come out of the closet” as  Donald Trump gets closer to the general election in November.

Donald Trump’s vocal supporters now include: Jon Voight, Scott Baio, Ted Nugent and some of the Duck Dynasty Family

Scott Baio, in particular, has been tweeting his support for Trump, as well as his disaffection for Clinton. “Remind me again how many people died horrible deaths on @HillaryClinton watch!” he tweeted Tuesday with a picture of 4 American men who died in Benghazi, Libya, while Mrs. Clinton was Secretary of State.

Lionel Chetwynd, the producer-writer-director who co-founded Friends of Abe, the private group of conservatives in the entertainment industry, says he was a registered independent but switched to Republican to make sure he could vote for Ted Cruz. Since the Texas Senator bowed out, Mr. Chetwynd voted Donald Trump.

“Hillary Clinton — well, you can’t run the government effectively from Leavenworth (Prison),” he quips, alluding to the candidate’s allegedly illegal use of a private e-Mail server while secretary of state.

“Bernie is an interesting guy. A fossil,” said Mr. Chetwynd. “He’s a socialist stuck in hippie-dom. Most other radicals from the 1960’s traded in their VW Bus for a Lexus, but Bernie did not get the Memo. He’s like one of those Japanese soldiers still fighting in Okinawa.”

Mr. Chetwynd also said Hollywood liberals do not get Donald Trump, and he uses as an example the candidate’s latest controversy over criticizing Judge Gonzalo Curiel because of his affiliation with La Raza Lawyers of California. Judge Curiel is overseeing cases against Trump University, and many have called Trump’s recent criticism of him “racist.”

“The pundits and their producers do not know what Trump is doing. Middle America hates the press, academia and, high on the list, corrupted courts,” says Mr. Chetwynd. “Donald Trump is not talking about Trump University, he is reminding people how courts are used to settle personal vendettas. They’ve seen it on The Good Wife for years.”

“They may never have heard of La Raza,” he continued, “but they know there’s a movement that questions America’s sovereignty in the Southwest. They see it at anti-Trump rallies, where they wave Mexican flags and burn American flags.”

The fact is that few in Hollywood will publicly announce their support for Donald Trump, citing their desire to avoid backlash from co-workers once it is learned they are Republicans.

Trumpeting for Trump


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