Congressional Testimony Halted: Mueller to Speak to Comey 1st

Congressional Testimony Halted: Mueller to Speak to Comey 1st

Congressional Testimony Halted: Mueller to Speak to Comey 1st

Sacked, disgraced and disparaged FBI Director James Comey and SC Robert Mueller intend to speak before Mr. Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee perhaps around 5 June.

The confab between Mr. Comey and the ex-FBI Director Mueller prompted the cancellation of a House Oversight committee hearing that had been planned for Tuesday, Rep. Jason Chaffez, (R-UT), its Chairman announced Monday.

James Comey is going to meet with Bob Mueller, who was appointed last week as a special counsel in the Russia investigation, to determine what he can and can and cannot say in that public testimony according to reports.

One wonders why Mr. Comey is getting advise from Mr. Mueller and not his own private lawyer, both of these men must proceed very cautiously in here in light to the expose regarding Mr. Comey’s nefarious and perhaps criminal dealings with The Clinton’s and The Clinton Foundation.

Mr Mueller does not want to end his career in disgrace as Mr. Comey has,

Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr, (R-NC) will meet this week with Mr. Mueller to try to figure out a way forward on their investigation and whether or not it conflicts in any way with the special counsel’s investigation, read this investigation will be halted.

Senator Warner (D-VA) has made clear that he wants to see documents about that meeting that the President had with Russian officials in which he apparently shared highly classified information. He says the White House should turn over records about that meeting. And supposedly he will want to see and know why Mr. Comey took notes of his meeting with President Trump after he left it.

Notably, it has been reported that Mr. Mueller has been briefed on the contents of some of the “memoirs” that former FBI Director James Comey kept to document his conversations with President Donald Trump. There are deep and meaning question here about the veracity of James Comey, as he is being called the most poisonous Snake in the DC Swamp.

Making matters worse for Congress and the Special Counsel, Lt. General Michael Flynn (ret) President Trumps former National Security Adviser, has refused to testify before House Intelligence Committee making it known that he will invoke the 5th Amendment rather than comply with a subpoena, essentially shutting down the Congregational investigations into the Russia matter.

Notably, LTN just learned that  US AG Jeff Sessions postponed testimony, till further notice, set this week before 2 congressional committees about Department of Justice funding amid probes into Russian interference in the Y 2016 election.

Some Democratic Senators have have written letters to the Department of Justice (DOJ) asking for more information on reported requests from fired FBI Director James Comey for more resources for the Russia probe shortly before he was dismissed. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has told lawmakers he was not aware of any such requests.

James “Nut Job” Comey’s credibility already in question has been shredded beyond repair.

Stay tuned…

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