Congress will Continue to Investigate Hillary Clinton

Congress will Continue to Investigate Hillary Clinton

Congress will Continue to Investigate Hillary Clinton

The US Congress will investigate the federal probe into Hillary Clinton’s private e-Mail server if the Democratic presidential nominee is elected or not elected, Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) said.

Mr. King said he is not satisfied with the on-again, off-again FBI probe which has now twice cleared Mrs. Clinton of wrongdoing in her use of a private server as Secretary of State.

“My first thought was, oh boy, now we have to investigate the investigators,” Mr. King said. “This takes us into another level.”

“[President] Barack Obama plugged the word ‘intent’ in . . . Comey picked it up and used it July 5 as an excuse, not a legal reason. And so now after all of this other evidence that’s flowed forth . . . much of it proves intent,” Mr. King said.

“Let’s just say if Hillary is elected president, the House of Representatives, and particularly the Judiciary Committee, we’re thinking [in] conjunction with Government Reform Committee will have to go back and comb through all of this and investigate the investigation and the investigators.

“They didn’t get immunity from Congress, they got immunity from the FBI, and it was conditional immunity. Some of those conditions seem to have been breached.”

Stay tuned…

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