Congress to Stop IRS from Enforcing Obamacare Mandate

Congress to Stop IRS from Enforcing Obamacare Mandate

God Bless America! 

Congress to Stop IRS from Enforcing Barack Obamacare Mandate

The US Congress is making sure 1 Key part of Barack Obamacare gets repealed poste haste,  the Individual Mandate.

The House appropriations committee has drafted a provision to stop the IRS from enforcing the individual mandate of the Affordable Care Act aka Barack Obamacare, which penalizes individuals to pay a penalty if they do not/did not purchase health insurance.

That restriction on the IRS would take effect on 1  October 2017, start of the new Fiscal Year.

“While Congress works to pass President Trump’s healthcare plan, stopping the IRS from implementing the harmful individual mandate helps provide relief for the families suffering under Obamacare,” a spokesman for committee chairman Rep. Tom Graves (R-GA) said Tuesday.

The individual mandate was a Key element of Barack Obamacare to help keep down premiums by forcing younger people with few health problems into the plan to help pay for older people with more health problems.

The penalty imposed on opt-outs was a range based on household income.

In Y 2015, the IRS collected $3-B in penalties from 6.5-M people who opted out of Barack Obamacare.

President Donald Trump gets A+’s across the board to date as he move forward keeping his campaign promises.

Have a Happy 4th of July Celebration

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