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Congress Must Embrace Non-partisan Proposals to Combat This Economic Crisis Caused by China’s Virus



In this time of global crisis and economic uncertainty, both Democrats and Republicans have been seeking to exploit the China Virus pandemic in pursuit of partisan policy objectives. Bad policy!

The Washington Free Beacon has come up with 10 elements to fix and shield the US economy from the WHO/China Virus crisis.

Congress should consider them as part of any legislative effort to revive the economy in these challenging times, as follows:

  1. Tax Cuts Now: In an effort to provide much-needed relief for struggling hedge funds and other high-frequency traders, a permanent holiday on all capital gains taxes should be implemented immediately. In addition, back-dated subsidies should be considered for all who have suffered under the inheritance tax regime since it was wrongfully reinstituted in Y 2011.
  2. Firearms for All: In addition to sending checks to all Americans, the government should consider providing complimentary firearms to all citizens, particularly the most vulnerable. As our local police forces become strained in the fight against looters and other petty criminals, regular citizens must be empowered. Firearms inequality will only be exacerbated by the crisis without strong federal action. Additionally, the so-called gun-show loophole must be opened by executive order, if Congress fails to act.
  3. Move the Embassy, Again: We do not know when Israeli scientists will develop a vaccine for coronavirus, but when they do, America must be ready to reward them. President Trump has already moved the US embassy to Jerusalem. The State Department should begin developing plans to relocate the embassy again, this time housing it in East Jerusalem. At a moment like this, it’s important to let our allies know whose side we are on.
  4. War: The People should Congress to ask Senators Tom Cotton (R.-AK) and Ted Cruz (R-TX) to draft an emergency declaration of war against Iran, and to attach it as an amendment to the forthcoming China Virus bailout bill. Some experts have questioned whether now is the moment to expend more money on an overseas military intervention. But a war would be no more expensive than the bailout of Boeing (NYSE:BA) currently under consideration, and a war would at least give the American people a return on their investment. The Ayatollahs have had this coming for a long time.
  5. Real Criminal Justice Reform: Our prisons are too crowded, they risk becoming a breeding ground for the China Virus. President Trump should immediately pardon Mike Flynn, Roger Stone, George Papadopoulos, and Paul Manafort. Now is the time to restore the American people’s faith in the federal government and reverse the damage done by the media-driven Russia collusion hoax. President Trump should also appoint a blue-ribbon panel to determine the whereabouts of Hillary Clinton’s private e-Mail server.
  6. Repeal the Endangered Species Act: While the price of Crude Oil is now very low for America’s coal miners, our shale fracking industry is in great danger. America needs to extract as much of its own fossil-fuel energy as it can, or our overloaded hospitals will not be able to turn on the lights. That is why we recommend a temporary suspension of the Endangered Species Act, as well as the permanent elimination of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). We now have all the bald eagles we need. But we can never have too much Crude Oil.
  7. End Tenure for Teachers and Professors: Schools and Universities need workforce flexibility to account for the demands of distance learning. Classroom size can now be infinite, and if Congress uses its authority judiciously, we can eliminate the teachers’ unions entirely. The Marxist progressive bullies in Big Education need to exit their chairs, the American students can learn to respect America again, the country they reside in.
  8. Healthcare Justice: Moments of crisis require national cohesion. Accordingly, the American people should not have been constantly bugged by a healthcare law named after a corrupt President who failed to produce a valid long-form birth certificate. This is why we propose formally changing the nickname of our existing healthcare regime from “Barack Obamacare” to “Melaniacare.” We know our First Lady is a Mother who cares, she is raising a fine son.
  9. Government Waste: Now is not the time to cut off the government’s money machine. But,there are things the President can do to save a little money. Let’s start by defunding the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, National Public Radio, the UN and NATO.
  10. Election Security: 1 of the most efficient ways to contain the spread of the China Virus (the experts say it will be with us for a long time) would be to indefinitely postpone the Y 2020 election. President Trump is now a wartime President, and has too many supporters who will gladly risk their lives to attend 1 of his terrific campaign rallies. The American people did not abandon FDR during WWII, and that is a precedent worth following. We dropped the A-Bomb on Japan 2X for a lot less. And we can always come back to the election as soon as we completely strip China of its power, and seeing President Xi disappeared.

Have a healthy weekend, stay home!

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